Winchester '73 (1950): Lamont Wins the Rifle 2

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The clip Lamont wins the rifle 2 from Winchester '73 (1950) Do you mind? No, not at all! Your deal! Drink? Would it do any good for me to suggest that we bed down for a while? Nope! That's what I thought! When do we sleep? As soon as we get to Riker's, we'll sleep then! Could be Dutch didn't go to Riker's! Wyatt only said if he was Dutch, he'd go to Riker's, providin' he was goin' to Tascosa, which is only what somebody said they heard Dutch say where he was going to! I think you better spit! Huh? Spit! Just wanted to get your tongue straightened around! You know what I mean! That's the reason we're goin' to Riker's! Come on! Call! Three kings! I've heard of beginner's luck, but I didn't know it could be this good! That clean you out? Yeah! At least we ate! I'm about to give mine back! I could act like an Injun trader and lower the price, but I won't! Offer still goes- 300 in gold for your Winchester, whatever you pick! No deal! I'm a very patient man, but you're talkin' like a fool! Give him the gun! I said no deal! Be smart! It's a long, hungry ride to Tascosa without money! Again, I don't wanna sound like an Injun trader, but with all that smoke in the hills and you with no guns- Why don't you shut up? The man's right! Give him the gun!

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