UEV- 490 off road trailer Conqueror Australia

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Like us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/ConquerorAust... See more information on our website www.UEV.com.au The UEV-490 from Conqueror Australia is half caravan half camper trailer. Offering a hard roof, sides and floor the UEV-490 gives you the ability to escape the elements almost instantly by simply opening the door. Built to handle the toughest conditions Australia can muster from the Kimberly to Cape York. The UEV 490 offers luxuries that let you explore remote Australia in comfort. For the USA we build a specific model to meet US regulations and compliance- all international sales go through the Australian manufacturing arm. For international enquires please contact us at UEV.com.au We ship both the Commander-S and UEV-490 around the world.

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