The Old Path Bible Exposition - New York, USA [Part 1 of 19]

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The Old Path [a.k.a. Ang Dating Daan in Tagalog] is a three decades old radio and television program that originated in the Philippines. It is hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano, the overall presiding minister of the congregation, Members of the Church of God International. What's interesting about this program is, it boldly exposes the fraud and deceit perpetrated by false preachers of our time while emphasizing the importance of making sure we follow only God's commandments and not merely subjecting ourselves to the disillusioned preachers' quirks who are either totally ignorant of the Bible and in turn, invents a totally different set of doctrines out of hearsay and heard about philosophies or those who are familiar with only several Bible verses but have big claims that they can take people by the hand to the path of salvation, and end up diluting God's word with misrepresentation. By being thoroughly guided by the Bible, Brother Eli frankly reproves immoral actions and malpractices in religion.

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