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July is SUSAN ROCES Month..... Susan Roces was simply a movie fan of Gloria Romero when she was discovered by Doc Jose Perez, owner of Sampaguita Pictures inside the studio compound while watching her idol and asking for an autograph. This is how it started as told by long time friend and novelist Pablo Gomez: It was 1956 and Susan Roces had just graduated from high school and was preparing to enroll in college when she learned there was an open house at Sampaguita Studios. Since she was a big fan of actress Gloria Romero, she decided to visit the studio with her Aunt Tessie Alava. When Susan arrived at the studio, she didn't pay much attention to a man in a moustache who was sitting in a corner quietly admiring her. Suddenly, the man approached her and asked if she was there in the studio to audition for a role or if she wanted to become an actress. Surprised by the man's offer, Susan didn't answer and walked away. Her aunt then whispered to her that the man was Dr. Perez, the owner of Sampaguita Pictures. Her aunt added that she was told to go to the Vera Perez residence the next day. With nothing to lose, Susan went to the Vera Perez mansion early in the morning carrying her graduation dress. She was accompanied by her uncle, Nestor Levi. Aring Bautista, a character actress living at the Vera Perez mansion, saw Susan and asked why she was there. When Susan said she wanted to become an actress, Bautista pointed out that Sampaguita Pictures was not in need of new talent but LVN Pictures was. When Susan and her uncle were about to leave the studio, they bumped into Director Mar S. Torres. "Are you the lady who is scheduled to take the screen test today?" Torres asked her. Susan just nodded so Torres accompanied her to the set for her first ever screen test. When Doc Perez woke up the same morning, he asked Aring if a young lady went to the studio. "Yes," she answered, but she told her to go to LVN Studios where they needed new talents. Doc Perez was shocked but was able to let out a sigh of relief when Director Torres told him that he already gave Roces a screen test which she had passed. She was given a lead role in the movie Boksingera but it was shelved after they finished filming because the people at Sampaguita Studos felt it was too early for her to star in a movie. Instead, the studio bigwigs decided to give Roces a supporting role in the movie Miss Tilapia which starred her idol Gloria Romero..... (from Video48 blog of Simon Santos) Susan Roces actually had her first appearance in the 1952 movie "Mga Bituin Ng Kinabukasan" under Jose Nepomuceno Productions before being rediscovered in 1956. She won her first Famas Best Actress award in the 1977 movie "Maligno" directed by Celso Ad Castillo. Then she did it again the following year 1978 in Lino Brocka's "Gumising Ka ... Maruja". She appeared in some TV shows like the revival of John and Marsha titled "John en Shirley" and in the teleserye "May Bukas Pa". Last year she did the ABS-CBN Christmas teleserye "Sana Ngayong Pasko". This year she is in the ongoing ABCTV5 drama series "Babaeng Hampaslupa". And before the year ends she will appear in another television series...... Susan Roces did more than a hundred and twenty movies in a career that spanned over 50 years. Featured here are some of her movies with different leading men Not included are her movies with Da King. Posters taken from simon santos' video48 and james dr blogs. Thank you guys! WARNING!!! PLEASE DON'T POST OFFENSIVE COMMENTS! THEY WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WOULD BE BLOCKED!

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