Sailor Moon Trailer Summer 2013

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Sailor Moon will return in summer 2013 (although I heard it might be protponed :-( Maybe even fall) Ok im sorry you guys have been saying they have hoped for an ofcial trailer but this is not. Its all fan made. I have no right to the pictures whatsoever! THey all belong to Sailor moon's makers not me. THe pictured are official and none of this is by any fans!(besides the video of coarse!) FAQ: Where did II get the music? The music is from iTunes. I don't renember what it is called though. Where are the pictures from? There is this app called Sailor moon puzzle where u do cool puzzles so I screenshot them. But apparently there from manga When will it be aired? Well it was originaly Summer 2013 but they are not ready for it yet so it was delayed. I don't exactly know when maybe fall or maybe even 2014 (hope not)

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