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Sanchez figured in a highly publicized case in December 2001 when a former employee, a house maid of 3 months, Bernadita Inocencio, accused Sanchez of physical abuse and withholding of wages. The claim of Inocencio was that, in the condominium unit of Sanchez's friend, both Sanchez and her friend "beat her up" after she refused to follow an order by Sanchez. Inocencio's complaint aired in a radio station got the attention and support of one Atty. Melanio Mauricio who was then an anchor in a competing radio station. Mauricio "championed" Inocencio. Much hype was given to the maid's claim by the media. Sanchez decided to quietly work on her defense in court and gave a few interviews to clear her name. Sanchez, corroborated by testimonies of witnesses, the employment agency where the housemaid came from and other employees, claimed the following: Sanchez had "given away" Inocencio to her friend to work in his home. Sanchez noticed that maid had a habit of chatting with other people living in the condo building she was living in then. Sanchez also reported a missing bracelet from her home. This prompted Sanchez to decide to let Inocencio go. Because there was a contract with agency Sanchez made sure maid would still work and be compensated for remainder of contract. Maid Inocencio refused to work elsewhere and insisted she wanted to continue work with Sanchez. In the home of Sanchez's friend Inocencio threatened to leave employment. Sanchez insisted maid was bound by agency contract and must first wait for replacement maid. A heated argument followed. The maid then "flailed and hurled herself on the floor and bumped her own head against the narrow corridor walls while screaming for help as she was forcibly brought out of the condo unit" by Sanchez's friend. Security brought the housemaid out of the building and police escorted her away. The maid's claim to media--- and in her case against Sanchez—maid claimed that she suffered severe head blows and other bodily blows. A medico-legal document was secured by Sanchez's lawyers from the East Avenue Medical Center where Inocencio had herself examined. Medico legal report states that Inocencio's entire body from head to foot showed no signs of any such descriptions of physical blows to Inocencio. A testimony by a private couple living in Rockwell, Makati City stated that Inocencio had been under their employ as a housemaid years earlier. The employment was short lived as Inocencio had "debts from several other household staff and was not paying her dues". In a confrontation about her unpaid debts Inocencio was described as also having flailed about and "was trying to hurt herself" on the floor and walls as condominium security forcibly brought her out of the couple's unit and building. The maid has a history of faking her own self-inflicted physical injuries. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid...

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