Examination of Napa 4003/Wix 24003 Filter for Solvent Trap Adapter - silencer suppressor

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Recycle your cleaning solvents and lubricating fluids. Be green! Be prepared! - http://GunThreadAdapters.com - ALL NFA RULES/LAWS APPLY. This is probably better referred to as a Solvent Recycling Adapter, as it doesn't really trap anything... An examination of the (Wix)Napa (2)4003 Fuel Filter. Truth is stranger than fiction... There is a new part number for this filter. Seems to be more widespread and cheaper, noted here: https://www.gunthreadadapters.com/are... The Nylon and Brass pipe fittings are a small sampling of existing thread adapters that could be slightly modified to make your own Solvent Trap Adapter for this filter. Industrial supply houses have a much wider selection of sizes and materials, but these I got at local stores. Oh, turns out it sucks to use the brass fitting I showed. Don't waste your money. My 'meat' speculation was accurate. Not even close to sufficient. NOTE: The 1-14 Adapters made for the Caterpillar Filters shown in my other video(s) are a very close fit, but shouldn't be used together. UNS threads aren't meant to mesh with NPT tapered pipe threads. It's really close, but don't let that make you think it's a good idea.

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