Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan - Episode 186 : Prithviraj wants to fight against Sarkar Sahab with a broken leg

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The villagers give warm welcome to Prithviraj and celebrate the day. Sarkar Sahab is very angry and reaches the village with his men to take revenge on Prithviraj. He blackmails Prithviraj telling that he will kill a kid if Prithviraj raises hand against him and then he beats Prithviraj badly. In order to save the kid Prithviraj does not raise his hand against him and gets unconscious and later on he is thrown in the water. A stranger saves Prithviraj but he is unable to walk for few days as Sarkar Sahab broke one of his legs. The stranger comforts Prithviraj that he will teach how to fight using one leg only. On the other side Sarkar Sahab has planned to kill the villagers.

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