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Chastity Hypnosis is the reason you are here, we both know you have to be locked in chastity it is thing that controls those carnal urges, those dirty sexual desires. I want you to just listen, relax and obey because after all you do want me to step into your mind and take control of you. Body and mind will work together controlled with my hypnotic trance. Before the hypnotic chastity device can be locked into place, you will be sent a chastity hypnosis contract that must be signed, dated and returned to me by email. The trigger word will be sent to you once the contract is returned, there is no going back a CB3000 or CB6000 will be placed upon you. The lock will be snapped tightly shut and the key removed, placed on a satin ribbon around my neck for safe keeping. No sex, no touching, no in relief. Now all you have to do is click on this link and come to me http://shop.madam-raison-detre.co.uk/Chastity-Hypnosis http://shop.madam-raison-detre.co.uk Never listen to this while driving a car, operating heavy machinery, or while abusing drugs or alcohol. Must be 18 or of legal age. If you have epileptic seizures, please consult a doctor before listening to any recording which contain voice-overs or multiple sound effects. If you have high blood pressure or have recurring vertigo or dizziness, please consult a medical physician before listening to any recordings.

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