Autobahn-Orgie (Adult-1984)

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Also known as "Lust in the Fast Lane". Starring Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn Allen, Crystal Breeze, Peter North, Eric Edwards, Beverly Bliss and others. Directed by the ever so elusive Michael Phillips (as "Adam"). This man was a creative consultant on the highly acclaimed 1985 Myles Kidder masterpiece and smash hit "Lust in Space". The synopsis reads: "When frigid queen Vixana forbids sexuality in planet Zitcom, a rebel princess flees to Earth, planet of unbridled sexuality. " That sounds amazing! Sadly, I don not own "Lust in Space", but well done Adam - Michael Phillips. You must have known something about space. Or sex. Or both. So take care Mike. And be so kind to drop me the dvd..

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