All YOU need is LOVE part 1 (Erotic Hypnosis) Mistress LOVE

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18+ Gender Neutral Please LIKE and FAVORITE this video This is Part 1 of a series. The other files in this series are a MUST listen. Find more (free) files at: http://www.inraptured.com/network/MistressLove/ http://www.sensualmistress.com/Mistress-Love/ Tribute to Mistess LOVE at obeymistresslove@gmail.com If you enjoyed this session and want more PLEASE RATE THIS VIDEO so i know if you would like MORE LOVE soon you may feel that . . . . . All YOU need.is LOVE Adult Content: DO NOT watch this video if you are under 18 years old --------- to Richard Gerard go to http://www.inraptured.com/network/music_home.php the download page for audio file ( will need to create a free account to download) there you can find NOW ALL you need is LOVE part 2 ALL you need is LOVE part 3 LOVE is a TOY one of my favs LOVE More pink less think LOVE is PORNOGRAPHIC all free now -- may be removed at any time (may find other files you are interested to download also) Also be sure to check http://www.inraptured.com/network/MistressLove/ click the marketplace tab for free sessions and delightful and enchanting sessions for a fee also check Mistress LOVEs other site http://www.sensualmistress.com/Mistress-Love/ I can't get enough of her her awesome work Also let me know by rating this video if you like it so I can know if I should put up more videos here on youtube

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