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Two women fly for first time

I'm Diana outspent and any parent and re. He went and their fans who never and the floor and got the opportunity to fight for the first time the…

Strong Women Wrestling, Scissorholds

Strong Women Wrestling, Scissorholds. Visit http://www.steelkittens.com
See Strong Sexy Leg Scissors, Women on Women, Wrestling, Submission…

1960's Women's Liberation Movement - A PBS Documentary Trailer

This is a school project for my history Identities class! The focus is on 1960's social movements, and my group was assigned the women's movement…

womens wrestler receives a wedgie

Brooke Tessmacher gets one

Face Pulling Competition

The historic Gurning Competition: extreme face-pulling action from the 1960s.

Catfight Women Wrestling

Catfight Women Wrestling. Visit http://www.steelkittens.com
Savage women on top action! This catfight has Pamela wrestling the busty women

Wilma Rudolph Beats Polio To Become Olympic Champion - Rome 1960 Olympics

Follow the amazing story of the USA's Wilma Rudolph who overcame polio to win the women's 100m and 200m events at the Rome 1960 Olympic Games…

Female_Wrestling_Hot  Womens Wrestling Videos

Female Wrestling, Hot Womens Wrestling Videos. Go to: http://www.SteelKittens.com. Submission wrestling match, against two fighting divas. Female…

Mattel Tommy Burst TV Commercial

Rare toy commerical from the 1960's

Women vs Women | Pro Style Womens Wrestling

Women vs Women | Pro Style Womens Wrestling. Visit http://www.ProWW.com.
See Women vs Women in Pro Style Womens Wrestling Matches. Presented by…

Girls and Female Wrestling - Women´s pro wrestling

Girls and Female Wrestling - Women´s pro wrestling powerbomb female male disco women intergender move finish girl wrestling to win loss Match…

Women water wrestling in Florida

CV 333 Cabbage Patch Wrestling http://www.crystalcatfighting.com/video_detail.asp?vid=151 Time:88 min.

Nolan Batman with 1960s Robin

A not so dynamic duo.

6/6 Detroit TV Wrestling EP 5 Sheik V Bobo 1960s Big Time

Syndicated 1960s, 70's Detroit TV Wrestling EP 1 Big Time.

Japanese women pro wrestling stars

TRV VC4A A Night of Champions 1 http://www.wrestlingnostalgiatv.com/video_detail.asp?vid=191 Three fast paced spectacular bouts featuring all the…

18,000 fps High Speed Photography in the 1960s

Back in 1948, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers defined high-speed photography as any 3 frames or more captured at a rate at...

Choking woman's wrestling Womens Mud Wrestling   Catfight  Women of wrestling

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature.[1] An individual who engages in this activity is…

Wrestling Women

From the movie Man on the Moon - Andy (Jim Carrey) goes on the Merv Griffin Show to prove that men are superior to women. To demonstrate the point…

Girl on Girl Arm Wrestling In New York

The latest contact sport to reach entertainment-hungry New York is - Ladies Arm-Wrestling. More commonly known as a past-time for hefty men in...

Santee vs Cruz - Wrestlebrawl V Promo

Vintage Wrestling presents: WrestleBrawl V January 18th, 2014 Live from the Sanford Salvation Army. 700 W. 24th Street. Sanford, FL. It's the event…

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