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Got the garden tilled up

Just getting my garden for this year turned over, I'll till it up again right before I plant. Hoping for a good crop this year.

Emily Dickinson - Soil of Flint, if steady tilled


Soil of Flint, if steady tilled
Will refund by Hand—
Seed of Palm, by Libyan Sun
Fructified in Sand—

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TILMAN-ORG: Effects of reduced tillage on yield, weeds and soil carbon (Oct 2014)

In the CORE ORGANIC II project, TILMAN-ORG, data from ongoing trials and the published literature were compiled to conduct a meta-analysis on the…

Ukranian black soil tilled for private investment.

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Ukranian black soil tilled for private investment

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Differences in Tilled and No Till Soils

During CTIC 2011 Conservation in Action Tour, USDA-NRCS Ohio state agronomist Mark Scarpitti demonstrates differences between tilled and no-till…

Lahore: Farmers determined to continue sit-in till demands met

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This is Farming -- Sustainability Practices: CRP Land and Reduced Tillage

http://thisisfarming.org "I think it's a really good program where they have Conservation Reserve acres next to waterways that can catch soil and…

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Farmer Dave on "Conservation Tillage"

Farmer David Paysnick discusses his alternative field system—strip or conservation tillage—that is in use at the Greenfield Community Farm, a project…

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Long-Term Conventional and No-tillage Systems Compared

Soil pit discussion of two tillage systems (conventional vs. no-tillage) that have been managed for over 25 years in a corn-soybean rotation…

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