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Throat stand full choke

Throat trample to pass out...partial seizure moment!!!

Feats of Strength

girl steps fullweight on guys throat!


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Embrace Pain

From the album "Beyond the Pale" by DOOMHAMMER. Lyrics: These hands you once loved, Have become soft and cold, Fading into the grey, Drug down by the…

Ana Popovic - Can You Stand The Heat live @ Mikser House Belgrade (23.01.2013.)

Ana Popovic - Can You Stand The Heat Out of the comfort zone I've got plenty to loose baby I'm burning inside trying to keep my cool I've got cold…

Tang Soo Do - Basic Side Kick - Instruction

http://www.tombloommartialarts.com/ SIDE KICK (foot position): The toes and foot are flexed with the heel protruding. The foot is bladed and…

Reinhard Mey - Ship of Fools

SHIP OF FOOLS Mercury falls, the signs indicating storm, Bloody diggling and nagging from the command tower And dull grinding sounds roll from the…

тнe ℓιeѕ тнaт нιde вeneaтн υѕ..Epιѕode 30 MM 1/10.

EPISODE 30 I walked inside the cabin slowly trying not to called my mothers attention due to my swollen cheek bone but it was too late. "Oh my god…

finally home 5 jemi

im coming up with more really soon Demi rushed out of the room leaving joe dumbfounded. She rushed back in with plates of food laying them on the bed…

Jemi Love Story-Secrets-Episode 8

Joe's P.O.V I walked through the mall just roaming around. A got looks from some girls but I didn't pay too much attention. I walked into a store…

Breathe Me; Four

Its getting better! And please dont say OMG IS THIS JEMI? WHAT ABOUT NILEY?? I don't give away couples! ever! step out of your comfort zones with…

Undercover;;A Niley Story;;Part 8

This part is for NavyPurpleBlue, since she asked me in a really nice message :D Thanks for the message! :) "Soo, you wanna come in for a bit? No-one…

Let's Be Friends: {Reckless Writers Contest; Round 2} (two)

"Miles, I can explain. . ." He began, stepping towards me as I moved back. "Don't." I put a hand up to silence him. "I've been through enough because…

The 9 Basic & Most Effective Kicks in Martial Arts

www.tombloommartialarts.com The 9 Basic & Most Effective Kicks in Martial Arts The Basics of your Martial Art is what you build off of, and what you…

Austin and Ally Story Ep. 146

Austin and Ally Story Ep. 146 Austin:That was obviously a touchdown! James:I know right? If they had better block! Austin:Exactly! Aubrey:*listens to…

Paradise Ep 60 Part 1

Ep. 60 (Dinner & A Show) Nick: *Throughout the rest of the day, me & Demi just had a blast hanging out. We talked, laughed, swam, explored…

Underneath This Smile ~ Chapter 7 ~ Season 8: Broken Hearts

SUPRISE!! MARATHON! lol I figure I owe it to you all not posting in a week sheesh! Time flys! NE WHO! So I've made a decision that is going to maybe…

trample scene4

neck trample.

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