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Obama-Romney : Last debate

US ELECTIONS : It's the home stretch in the race for the White House. The two men found to be president of the United States go face to face for the

Jay-Z lyrics debated on FL House floor

Black dude getting called out by White boy

White House Lawn Rat


Presidential horse race heats up

The Fix's Chris Cillizza stops by to tell us where President Obama and Gov. Romney both stand as they enter the home stretch of their race to the

Newsbreak !! Black guys actually DO want Sarah Palin

Just not in the white house

Jon Stewart Heads Into Home Stretch at 'Daily Show'

Jon Stewart enters the home stretch of his 16 years on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Monday, with 12 more nights of jokes at the expense of…

McCain Gangtsa Rap - Palin was the choice that they gave me

An rap song on how John Macain kept it real and stayed OG getting through senate and on his hard life through Vietnam to the race to the white...

Election '08: Challenges in the home stretch

Do you think the election has already been decided? Do you think the GOP is struggling to maintain its support? What do you think of one party…

Rapper Common performs at the White House Poetry Night

Labeled a thug, Common still performed at the White House poetry night after criticism from of course Srah Palin and Fox News

MEE DEBATE: What’s next for Palestinians?

After Benjamin Netanyahu's decisive victory in the recent Israeli elections, what's next for Palestinians? Join our three speakers as they delve into…

Vice Pres. Debate in a Song

Biden and Palin square off with a melody.

Obama on the Race and his Grandmother

Obama on the Race and his Grandmother Hillary Kucinich obama Biden Mccain Palin Richardson Giuliani Bush Keith Olbermann romney Huckabee Hunter ...

A Message From Sarah Palin

The Sarah Palin Debate Recap

Virginia Governor Election 2013: Obamacare and shutdown cited in debate

Energized and optimistic, frontrunner Terry McAuliffe took the stage in Annandale on Monday morning with Vice President Joe Biden. Biden was urging a…

Wax Spits about Sara Palin.

Rap about Sara palin, at lyrical debates.

October 12, 2008 Sunday Snapshot

Hotline's weekly summary of the Sunday political talk shows. This episode: The race for the White House - State perspectives-PA, CO, FL, MN. Divided…

Sarah Palin kills animals!

Sarah Palin's record on the brutal practice of aerial hunting exposed.

New! Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty of Bombing Boston Marathon

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing by a federal jury that now must decide whether he should be executed.

Joe the Plumber

Finally a true American Hero for all of us. Thank you John McCain for teaching us of his greatness. Song by Mark Matthews and L.J. Chandler.

And Then there was One Keith Olbermann

And Then there was One Keith Olbermann Hillary Kucinich obama Biden Mccain Palin Richardson Giuliani Bush Keith Olbermann romney Huckabee Hunter ...

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