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Thai Massage Child Pose Techniques from Nayada Institute

http://www.nayadausa.com/ The Nayada Institute of Massage is on the leading edge of Massage Therapy. Bridging the gap between technical skill and…

Massage to Treat Child With Sinus Congestion : Massaging Nose of Child to Treat Sinus Congestion

When massaging a child to treat sinus congestion, stroke down to the base of the nose. Massage a child's nose to relieve allergy symptoms with the…

Massage for Children With Growing Pains : Getting Permission to Massage a Child With Growing Pains

Before massaging a child with growing pains, make sure to get their permission and to give them a chance to say 'yes' or 'no' to receiving touch. Get…

Massage for Children With Growing Pains : Massaging a Child With Growing Pains: Stretching the Back Thigh

Stretch the back thigh of a child suffering from growing pains to stimulate the area and cause deep relaxation. Exercise the thigh muscles with tips…

Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Massaging a Child With Eye Fatigue: Eyelids

When massaging a child with eye fatigue, rub the fingers over the eyelids to stimulate and relax the general area. Massage the eyelids with tips from…

Mission Ukraine Children's Hope - Kolya's Face Massage

Kolya is one of the 120 children with some degree of disability at the Dobromel Orphanage in northwestern Ukraine. The medical massage therapy…

Boom Child Easter Massage

Boom Child will be playing the O2 Dublin on May 17th 2014.

Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Massaging a Child With Eye Fatigue: Final Tips

Massage the entire head of a child with eye fatigue to relieve stress and finalize the massage. Finish a massage with tips from a childcare…

Massage for Children With Earaches : Massaging a Child With an Earache & Using a Washcloth

Apply a hot washcloth for 15 minutes to children suffering from earaches in order to help alleviate discomfort. Use a washcloth with tips from a…

Cure constipation in your infant or child with massage and natural remedies

Three step massage for safely stimulating the bowels and loosening fecal matter. Additional nutrition advice for children eating solids and then a…

Treating Autism with Qigong Massage - The Chinese Medicine Perspective

For more information about our parent and professional training visit: http://www.qsti.org This video explains how qigong massage works for autism…

Simple child massage techniques (Paediatric massage Pt 5)

It's best to get your children a certified TCM practitioner if you want them to benefit from Chinese paediatric massage. But you can also learn some…

Pediatric Tuina Massage Techniques

Learn various pediatric tuina techniques for children, toddlers and babies. This video will give parents and practitioners the basic skills they need…

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