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Victim Fights Back In NSW Sydney School | 'Casey'

This footage was recorded by a student at Chifley College in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The video has gained worldwide attension by the media and…

road rage bully gets owned by victim lolololol

smashed his face like a potatoe...lol idiot deserves it subscribe to Rudiz productions for the craziest vids in the world. please press on in video…

Bully get knocked out and owned by his own victim- RAW Exclusive  Footage (Baseball Bat)

Bullies are going around picking on other kids, and sometimes their dumb minds don't realize the other kids could knock them out like in this video…

Victim of Bully fights back in NSW Sydney School, Wrestling!!!!

Victim of Bully fights back in NSW Sydney School, Wrestling!!!! Victim of Bully fights back in NSW Sydney School, Wrestling!!!!. this bully got his

Bully victim gets payback

A bully at school gets payback at nesodden vgs Story: The guy in the red sweater is not the actual bully victim. He is a friend of him. The guy on…

Bully Get Brutal Knockout (4:00)

New Video Baby SKYP 4:00 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youtube-New-Video-Baby/293075744154149?ref=hl Enjoy the Fight Subscribe please.

When Bullies Get Owned 5 (Anti Bullying video)

When Bullies Get Owned Vol 5 5th in a series showing victims dealing with bullying Bullying affects lots of young people and happens in many schools…

When Loud Mouths Get Owned

Loud-Mouths Get owned takes a look at certain people who run their mouth, then having to try and back it up.Talking wreckless can get you into…

Kid picks on the wrong nerd - Bully gets owned

Ruben bullies his classmate Robin, grabs his throat, catches a punch in the face and life-threatens his victim. Never underestimate an übernerd…

Big Bad Prison Bully Gets His Ass Kicked By Some Dude Trying To Sleep

Guy Runs His Mouth & Tries To Punk On Some Guy Minding His Business. Visit http://2Damnfunny.com For More Fights, Sexy Girls & Hilarious Pics. Note…

Bully Gets Owned - 1 Punch KO

http://www.martialartsfights.net http://www.youtube.com/butchdabulldog http://www.playonlinegamesfree.co.uk http://www.spottedghosts.com http://www…

When Victims Fight Back

When victims fight back, bullies get owned! A short compilation of random fights, when the bullies becomes the loot! enjoy! Part 2: http://www…

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